Harry Moreno is a Software Engineer 🌊

I’m currently working on open source and at Capsule Pharmacy. Fluent in Ruby, Javascript, Python, Go and Java. I grok Rails, Django, React.js, Twitter Bootstrap, SASS, Node.js and Amazon Web Services. I’m also good at math, statistics, Machine learning and Unix.

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React Todo

A Todo list built in React.js. Contains all the functionality typically seen in a Todo list. Uses an embedded database, Webpack and a Test Suite in Mocha.js. Source.

Federal Tax Visualization

Visualization of income tax throughout american history. Using D3.js, JavaScript, HTML, CSS and publicly available information. Used Vim and unix utils to preprocess the data.

Capsule corp

Engineer working on all software requirements. Third Engineer to join the team. Helped grow the company from pre-beta to raising 20 Million dollars and over 20 thousand customers.

Contacts Pro

A souped up way to manage your phone's contacts. Built with React Native. I also built the first Native Module for the react native ecosystem that lets you access the addressbook react-native-contacts, using JAVA and the Android API.


A weather app built using React.js and Cordova. I worked with designer Lenore to build this app. Colors interpolate between blue and red to communicate the temperature you're currently feeling.


A tool for searching for a word (or any regular expression) in webpages from a list of urls. You can have the tool search a blob of text to extract the urls automatically.