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My work may not always be visible. Sometimes it's behind the scenes powering recommendation systems, letting you know your systems are down before your customers do or making sure different departments of your business get the insights they need to make decisions.

Some projects that you can see:


I helped Getaway develop an internal employee webportal. This portal allowed getaway employees to peform their daily tasks. This is a common requirement in growing startups, that they need to build their own tooling to graduate off spreadsheets and adhoc processes. Getaway House

SK-II Japan store

I made the websites running in the video below. One powering 10 42" vertically mounted touchscreens. The second website powering 5 vanity tables where customers could try out the skincare products. I worked closely with world-class designers that would deliver pictures and video of the desired effects. The client was SK-II Japan subsidiary of proctor & gamble. SK-II Dimension Wall SK-II Beauty Bar

Chronic Sickness

Chronic Sickness is a Classification Model using Deep Learning. Specifically using tensorflow, transfer learning with the imagenet weights, AWS Sagemaker, Scrapy for scraping the images off forums, Flask and EC2. I presented the beta at defcon 2018.

Capsule Pharmacy

I helped start Capsule Pharmacy as the fifth engineer. I helped grow the business from 50 beta users, through launch, through series A fundraising, through +20,000 monthly active users. We built the consumer facing page with e-commerce flow, the internal corporate CMS where 30+ persons performed 40+ hours of work per week, built a go api, built a django api, wrote documentation for all code and processes/procedures, performed on-call duties (devops), wrote sql reports for stakeholders and onboarded fellow engineers. Capsule Pharmacy Mobile app

React Native Contacts

react-native-contacts was the first api bridge for React Native that allowed you to load the phone's contacts. Oddly enough facebook chose not to bridge this api and when I realized this for an app I was developing I solved the problem and open sourced it. I still maintain the module and it's been interesting seeing how react native has evolved over the years. It is written in Java and Objective-c.

Kaggle NYC

KaggleNYC is a professional organization dedicated to teach and connect Data Scientists through data competitions. I founded it out of a desire to find a teammate to do deep learning with and has grown to be one of nyc's largest software communities. Currently at 1200+ members and backed by corporate sponsorship, it serves as a talent pipeline for data-driven organizations such as JP Morgan, Microsoft and Deloitte. Kaggle nyc landing page

Technologies I know

Wordpress Wordpress
Shopify Shopify
Squarespace Squarespace
Facebook Login Facebook Login
ReactJS WebApps React js
React Native Apps React Native
Android Apps Android apps
iOS Apps iOS apps
Stripe Credit Card processing Stripe Credit Card processing
Heroku Cloud Heroku platform
Amazon Web Services Amazon Web Services
Google Cloud Platform Google Cloud Platform
Cascading Style Sheets Cascading Style Sheets
Django Webframework Django Webframework
Ruby on Rails Ruby on Rails
NodeJS NodeJS
Postgres Postgres sql
MySql MySql
Tensorflow Tensorflow
Javascript Javascript
Python Python
Java Java
Objective-C Objective-C
Solidity Smart Contracts Solidity - Smart Contracts
Go Language Go Language
SQL - Structured Query Language SQL - Structured Query Language
Segment - Conversion Funnels Segment.io
Twilio - Telecommunications Twilio
Docker Docker
Health Information Privacy and Portability Act Compliance Health Information Privacy and Portability Act Compliance
SSL - Secure Sockets Layer SSL - Secure Sockets Layer
Amazon RDS Amazon RDS
Amazon Redshift Amazon Redshift
Google BigQuery Google BigQuery
Amazon S3 - cloud storage Amazon S3 - cloud storage
Amazon EC2 - Elastic Compute Cloud Amazon EC2 - Elastic Compute Cloud
MongoDB MongoDB
Elasticsearch Elasticsearch
Bitcoin Bitcoin
Ethereum smart contracts Ethereum smart contracts
Amazon Alexa Skills Amazon Alexa Skills
Facebook GraphQL Facebook GraphQL
Scrapy web scraping Scrapy web scraping
Clover Point of Sale Clover Point of Sale

Who I am

I am Harry Moreno a software engineer living in New York City. Born and raised in The Bronx, I've lived in Massachusetts and San Francisco, but New York is my home. Since 2013 I've worked with a wide range of companies, from startups to world renowned marketing agencies. My focus is on delivering flexible reliable software that is useful to people and improves their lives.

What I do

My experience is in growing small software companies into larger software companies. I specialize in solving unique problems with custom software. Whether that's a phone app, headless cloud software or a website. In general I prefer working on new projects where I can sit down with you and elicit all the software requirements. This gives me the flexibility to work with the best tools for the job. I've done Fullstack software engineering, in Python, Go and Javascript. I like SQL, Deep Learning and launching products.

My Process

  1. Elicit requirements. I sit down with you (over the phone or over coffee). We discuss what your needs are and I give you my thoughts.
  2. Estimate. After the conversation I sit down on my own and break down the requirements into smaller tasks with a time estimate. I get back to you with a proposed timeline.
  3. Build. If the timeline and budget are acceptable to us we begin the project. I usually require a portion of the budget at the beginning, after major milestones and at the end.

What I charge

I generally work on a flat fee basis for each project. For clients with smaller tasks or lower budgets we can bill by the hour as needed.

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