Hire Me

Who I am

I am Harry Moreno a software engineer living in New York City. Since 2013 I’ve worked with a wide range of companies, from startups to world renowned marketing agencies. My focus is on delivering flexible reliable software that is useful to people and improves their lives. To see what my work looks like please see my work page.

What I do

My experience is in growing small software companies into larger software companies. I specialize in solving unique problems with custom software. Whether that’s a phone app, headless cloud software or a website.

In general I prefer working on new projects where I can sit down with you and elicit all the software requirements. This gives me the flexibility to work with the best tools for the job.

I’ve done Fullstack software engineering, in Python, Go and Javascript. I like SQL, Deep Learning and launching products.

My Process

  1. Elicit requirements. I sit down with you (over the phone or over coffee). We discuss what your needs are and I give you my thoughts.

  2. Estimate. After the conversation I sit down on my own and break down the requirements into smaller tasks with a time estimate. I get back to you with a proposed timeline.

  3. Build. If the timeline and budget are acceptable to us we begin the project. I usually require a portion of the budget at the beginning, after major milestones and at the end.

What I charge

I generally work on a flat fee basis for each project. For clients with smaller tasks or lower budgets we can bill by the hour as needed.

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