28 August 2014

So I haven’t been able to work on a solid blog post on any specific technology. I’d like my articles to be a lot like the articles you see on nettuts or sitepoint, just haven’t found tech I’m super passionate about like that this month.

Webgrep screenshot

The other day I was doing market research and was searching for affiliate marketing programs in different industries. After opening a bunch of website tabs and ctrl-F-ing on every page for ‘affiilate’ I look at rick and ask him, “why isn’t there a chrome extension or something that’ll do this for me?”. I whipped up webgrep.org the next day. Some friendly people on ##javascript (freenode irc channel) told me about Yahoo query language which acts as a free proxy for us. Next things I’d like to add are

  • ability to point the tool at a url
  • ability to drop in a word/excel doc
  • infer if the found word is inside a link and return that instead
  • filter by result found/not found/yql error
  • provide counter and spinner so user knows if the program is still executing

If I see there is demand for this tool I’d be willing to offer a pro version where you get access to a proxy I make and crawls sites Yahoo wont. If you have any other feature requests lmk.

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