31 October 2014

This month has been hectic.

I was holding off until we finished r3dm first project - redesigning the Society of Hispanic Engineers San Francisco website. It’s been really interesting to build. We’ve been using keystone js CMS and I inadvertantly became and expert in Facebook’s Graph API. You can see a preview here.

I won 6 months of free co-working at Wix.com by participating in a hackathon. It’s great because I get to bike to downtown - so I get a workout - and I get to meet other devs in the same boat as me (flexible hours, freelancers, seed stage startups). If you’re in SF check it out.

I’m volunteering for cyber.wizard.institute. Should be fun. It’s run by Substack and friends. Also been hanging out at Noisebridge a lot. They raised $30K through Indiegogo and we’re building all kinds of stuff like 3d-Printers and hacking the planet.

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