Top Reasons to Include Mobile App Localization

04 January 2019

iphone in hand An app that’s tailored exclusively to English-speaking users won’t compete in the overall market. You could make 10x the revenue you currently make by adding global localization to your app. You limit your own chances of reaching a larger customer base if you don’t localize your business for users who speak different languages and live in different regions.

Nearly 4.7 billion people worldwide own mobile phones. That number keeps on rising as more people gain access to these devices. Additionally, many of the countries with the highest app download rates are actually not English-speaking.

Make sure you coordinate with an android or iOS app developer who understands localization. This process is not as simple as translating the user interface. In many instances, it involves substantially adjusting the app’s overall content. I can do most localizations see how to hire-me. For more advanced cases you could work with a larger agency like Glance.

Localization Methods

You can go in two basic directions when localizing an app. Deep localization involves releasing versions of the app tailored to a few select languages and cultures. You typically release the app in local markets and promote it via culturally-appropriate marketing campaigns.

Minimum Viable Localization (MVL) is more helpful if you don’t know which markets your app will be most successful in. By testing it in several different locations, you can determine the most profitable approach.

The Process

Localizing an app involves focusing on these key factors:

  • Content: Begin localizing an app’s content by adjusting its listing accordingly. If this attracts new users, adjust the basic content, such as a user manual. If you’re still successful after doing so, localize all content, including details such as currency, graphics, and more.
  • Translation: Your budget will determine how you may go about translating your app to a new language. It may be more expensive to hire a professional translation firm, but the investment is worth your money. A professionally-translated app will provide foreign users with a better overall experience. If you can’t afford to hire professionals, be sure to provide your in-house translators with all the resources they need to avoid errors.
  • Internationalization: Sometimes you must adjust the code of the app to successfully translate it. For example, some languages use characters not used in English. You may need to change the code to display these characters.
  • Testing & Optimization: You tested your original app before releasing it to ensure it performed reliably. Test the new versions with the same rigor. It’s also important to edit app store listings according to what you know about your various target markets. Once you’ve taken these steps, launch your app and monitor its performance.

Pros (& Cons) of Localization

It’s easy to understand why you would choose to localize an app. Doing so helps you cast a wider net when you launch it. Even if your app’s popularity in foreign markets doesn’t skyrocket, you can still earn more downloads by releasing it in more countries.

You can also maximize your return-on-investment by localizing it for several audiences. Every time you repeat this process, you learn ways to simplify it and boost your overall efficiency.

Of course, there are some disadvantages to this process you should be aware of. One is simply the amount of time it can take. Experts state there are approximately 6,909 languages in the world. Determining which to translate your app into requires effort.

Additionally, because there is no standardized development process for localizing an app, you must take the time to find experienced people to deliver a proper translation.

That could be worthwhile. The app marketplace is crowded. You could boost your own odds of success by reaching out to foreign markets. After all, chances are good many non-English speakers could still benefit from using your app. Give them that opportunity and you might just discover a new user base.

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