Gradient Boosting Decision trees: XGBoost vs LightGBM

15 October 2018

AWS Redshift vs Google Big Query Gradient boosting decision trees is the state of the art for structured data problems. Two modern algorithms that make gradient boosted tree models are XGBoost and LightGBM. In this article I’ll summarize each introductory paper.

CryptoZombies Review

22 August 2018

CryptoZombies is one of the best free beginner Solidity courses for learning Ethereum Smart Contract development. In this post I review the 6 lessons of the curriculum. I hope this feedback helps improve the site and motivates others to go through it as well. UPDATE: they updated cryptozombies

BigQuery vs Redshift in 2018

29 June 2018

AWS Redshift vs Google Big Query Big data analytics tools are a constantly shifting landscape. Most organizations want to be data driven, this means collecting your data into a data warehouse where it can be explored. The two biggest solutions in the space are AWS Redshift and Google BigQuery. Here is what your big data administrator needs to know to choose a solution.

Data Science Bowl 2018 Recap

18 May 2018

Kaggle Data Science Bowl 2018 This year our team competed in the 2018 Kaggle Data Science Bowl. The goal of the competition was to identify cells in microscopic images. There can be zero, one or many cells in any given image. Our solution was a Convolutional Neural Network with skip connections.

7 Augmented Reality Trends That Will Transform Our World in 2018

16 February 2018

Augmented Reality for Business Although Pokemon Go! may have introduced the general public to augmented reality technology, it hasn’t come close to demonstrating the revolutionary impact AR will have on virtually everyone’s life. With numerous potential applications across a wide range of industries, AR is going to improve healthcare, make cities safer, and boost the efficiency of manufacturing processes (just to name a few examples).

Starting a new Python project with Pipenv

16 November 2017

Pipenv is a new tool for managing dependencies and virtualenv environments for Python projects.

Backing up SQL data without Transfer

14 June 2017

When working with data we typically make backups in case we make a mistake. In this age of high speed connections you still want to avoid transferring unnecessary data around, be it because it’s very large or you’re working over a cellphone connection. You can backup the data within the database.

How to fill and empty an s3 bucket with Python

24 April 2017

Say you have an s3 bucket on amazon web services. You may want to programmatically empty it. In order to empty a bucket it must have items in it. So I’ll demonstrate how to put and remove items from a bucket. We’ll use the excellent boto3 library.

How to read a Javascript Stack Trace

25 February 2017

A Stack Trace is a report of the active stack frames at a certain point in time during the execution of a program. You should learn how to interpret these to debug live systems because in many cases a stack trace is all you have to solve a customer’s issue.

Testing Javascript Logging Programs

29 December 2016

This turned out to be more time consuming than I’d like. I was testing a Node.js program that would log to stdout as prescribed by The 12 Factor Apps - Logs page.