Great Papers in Computer Science

26 August 2016

Back in SF I found a great volume Great Papers in Computer Science. I got it for $1 at the library. When I lent it out to my friend I immediately missed it and decided to see if I could recreate it from freely available sources.

Here it is. As links and a zip file at the end. I find this collection quite fascinating as it traces out important discoveries of our field by the discoverers. It’s pretty much a CS degree in a book.

Some papers I could not find. If you can share an open copy of any of the missing papers please email me.

I found a really good link while munging through the internet. Some copies of Pascal’s letters for example. 🤔

I also included some bonus papers I personally like and people should be aware of.

Algorithms and Data Structures

Programming Languages


Numerical and Scientific Computing

Operating Systems

Software Methodology and Engineering


Artificial Intelligence and Robotics

Human-Computer Communications



Great Papers in Computer

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